Making Plans. <Great>  Making them happen.

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Dream big. Start small. Discover what's truly important to you. Make, measure and evaluate plans to achieve your goals.


Proven, powerful techniques to motivate you. Share what you want to bring your support network into the loop.


Tested guides for tackling common problem like low mood, negative thoughts, anxious feelings, cravings, poor problem solving and a whole lot more.


Replace bad habits with healthier behaviors. Web and Mobile tools to troubleshoot and prevent relapse. There when you need it.

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How it Works

Put the power of evidence-based behavior change to work for you

Discover your core values

Engage in a values sorting exercise to identify what's most important to you.

Identify your goals

Brainstorm, identify and refine your goals. Create and execute a plan of action.

Get and stay motivated to achieve your goals

You can track your progress toward your goals. Choose to share your progress with a personal support network.

Overcome obstacles, relapses, and set-backs along the way

Work through your problems. Learn new skills. Gain new understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors to make them work for you.

Why it Works

Put the power of evidence-based behavior change to work for you

Setting goals and making plans isn't the hardest part. It gets tough when we try to make them happen. Motivation ebbs. Set-backs chip away at our resolve. Life gets in the way.

Making difficult personal change has been the subject of intense study for decades and researchers in the cognitive behavioral fields have developed proven techniques to overcome obstacles to real, sustainable change. We've worked with top researchers in the field to shape these techniques into effective, easy-to-use tools you can apply every day.

Our tools and techniques have been validated in several, large randomized controlled trials, tackling tough real world problems, over many years. We've got more data backing us up than any other comparable toolset.

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